And that's how it all began...The Idea!


It all started three years ago when we visited the estate of the Gkolezakis family which we inherited. Back then it was just a piece of land with wild flora, but the air was filled with a beautiful aroma coming from all the herbs, thyme, raspberries, blackberries-growing there; and , of course, our mountain tea. And then, the idea was born; “We are going through hard times with unemployment hitting the whole country, so returning to the nature seems like the perfect antidote to the crisis!”.

So we decided to exploit our land cultivating thyme, lavender, rosemary, mountain tea and other aromatic herbs. We recently found out about two scientific researches regarding the action of Sideritis scardica against the Alzheimer’s disease and realizing the importance attributed to its substances by those researches, we started mostly cultivating mountain tea. And now, here we are owning a mountain tea farm of about 40 acres.

Our current plan is the distribution of our product to the Greek and foreign market and, of course, the establishment of a relationship of trust between us and our clients.