S.&V. GKOLEZAKIS is a family business whose basic interest is organic farming. Its activity started in 2012 with the disposal, initially, of 3 acres of land for the production of aromatic herbs such as lavender, thyme, mountain tea and rosemary. Today, thanks to the high demand and our love for organic products, our land has expanded to 40 acres and we are mostly occupied with the production of mountain herbal tea (Sideritis scardica).


Our land is located in the region of Etoloakarnania, not far from the port of Astakos, at an altitude of about 400-500m. It is fenced and remote from the pollution of industrial installations and urban centres.


Farming and production procedure

We grow our herbs in an absolutely organic way, without the use of pesticides or other artificial substances. Should we need to intervene with the use of any phytoprotective products, we always make sure that they are of natural origin according to the Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

The crop is always harvested  by hand, with great care, in order to maintain the nutritive properties and essential oils of the plant.

The drying of the leaves is also performed in the most natural way, out in the fresh air, with no use of ovens or any similar means! this way we can ensure that the colour, fine aromas and beneficial properties of the plant are fully maintained.

The company's main goal

Our main aim is to establish a high quality production of organic Sideritis scardica, meeting our clients’ expectations and enhancing the domain of organic agriculture.

Quality and originality certifications

The growing, drying and packing procedures are certified by BIOHELLAS INSPECTION INSTITUTE FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTS and Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture.

The analysis of the samples regarding their nutritive properties and the tracking of pesticides is realised by AG.E.NT Laboratories  (http://www.agentlaps.gr)

Finally, our supplier for the Sideritis scardica plants is bioma Farm, certified by the society of testing and certification of organic products  (http://www.dionet.gr).